Commercial Property Development

Berry Realty has a significant experience in recognizing the potential for unconventional uses for properties.   An example of this experience is that we had an existing 10,000 square foot office building located on Washington Street that was leased to the Department of Economic Security, Department of Corrections and medical providers.  When the leases expired, Berry Realty converted the building into a Primary Care Center for Maricopa County.

When that lease expired, we were able to redevelop the building into an Employment Center for the City of Phoenix.   Upon the expiration of that lease, we then developed that building into a charter school, recognizing the need for such in the community.   

Why Choose Us

Berry Realty & Associates (Berry Realty) is a successful Real Estate, Property Management, and Land Development business that was founded in 1960. Since the inception of Berry Realty, the firm has established a reputation for providing exceptional services to clients including the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County and the State of Arizona.